"Truth in Advertising" is the essence of what we want and what we expect

gofindhome is all about tell the truth and that truth will set you free. However, freedom is not free.  We expect full disclosure at all times whether it is explaining about yourself or properties you represent, licensed or unlicensed, to sell or to buy.

Listings Quality Policy

Users of the gofindhome mobile application acknowledge and agree to comply with the following Listings Quality Policy (the "Policy"). Gofindhome reserves the right to remove any content that violates any of Gofindhome's terms of use or policies, or is otherwise inappropriate. In the event that Gofindhome discovers a violation of any of Gofindhome Group's terms of use or policies, Gofindhome may remove all or certain portions of your listings AND the related agent information from the Services, terminate your gofindhome account(s) and/or restrict your access to the Services.

1. Advertising and Claiming Listings.

a. Advertising Listings. Except as provided in this section 1(a), listings (regardless of the type) may only be advertised by the real estate Agent (the "Agent") who is the contracted, exclusive listing Agent for such listing. A listing may also be advertised by the exclusive listing Agent's broker owner or team lead. A broker owner or team lead that advertises a listing on behalf of the listing Agent must update their profile on the Services so it represents the team or company instead of an individual Agent. This can be done by changing the screen name and profile picture. Once a profile represents the office, permission from the listing Agent is also required for the broker owner or team lead to advertise another Agent's listings.

​b. Any and all listings MUST represent the property listed.  All media representing said property must comply with the Rules and Regulations of the local and / or National Real Estate Boards that govern the licensing of said Licensed professional as noted in Section 1 a.

c. ​All Advertised media listings must represent what the property actually looks like or will look like at the Act of Sale.