Discover an easier way to navigate real estate. 

Developed by licensed real estate Brokers as a tool to help Buyers and Agents better communicate what it takes and what is important when buying or selling a home.

From a resource guide to help Buyers navigate the process to easy Open House options to enable Real Estate agents to promote themselves and their listings in a simple yet cost effective way.

Beta access available for iOS and Android platforms. Free downloads available for a limited time, so sign up today to reserve your spot!

Find and rate homes

Find homes on the map, save, rate and share them!

Learn the basics and Real Estate Secrets

Free resource guide explains the essence of what you need to know in real estate. Other options give you over 30 years of street smarts in real estate and construction.

Find and rate agents

Let experience and knowledge factors guide you to use the best agent possible to suite your personal needs

Safety first! Special panic button sends video to contacts in an instant!

Are you an agent or a buyer? Ever get that scary feeling about meeting someone for the first time, or that weirdo walks into your open house? Fear no more...with the press of a panic button instantly send 10 seconds of video to 5 of your contacts.

Jarrod Broussard / Real estate developer

This app is the first of its kind, solid information you can use. 

This mobile application offers an opportunity for both real estate Buyers and Real Estate Agents/Brokers to simplify the real estate process in ways they can better get deals done.  

Packages range from FREE USE of application,  and real estate advice for anyone, to paid subscriptions for Real Estate Professionals.


Foundations in Real Estate

Free  Tips!

30+ years of experience wrapped up in 1 package

Learn basic real estate concepts  

Essential concepts of architecture, construction and real estate explained simply for anyone

  • Learn about the People in the real estate process
  • Understand design concepts
  • Use the cheatsheet for mortgage financing for anyone
  • Avoid the pitfalls of having an incompetant person representing you instead of an experienced professional


No credit card required.


Turn your phone into a Safety App

1 button pressed sends 10 seconds of video to 5 contacts

Purchase the safety feature on the app.

  • Set an emergency text message
  • Set Contacts to send your emergency message to instantly
  • Record a video & sound of the current situation
  • Send a video to all five contacts simultaneously
  • A GREAT TOOL for AGENTS and anyone with a smart phone!  Add your friends, family and office to know exactly where you are and identify scary monstors that approach you.
  • Easy to use! By the time, (if at all), a less than desirable person approaches you, their mugshot is already in your "Candid Camera®"  
  • This tool empowers REALTORS ® to reach beyond the core component of REALTOR® safety.

$.99 one time

Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.


Secrets Reavealed!

Know the essence of home inspections and what to look for.

Discover the secrets to working your best deal every deal, every time.

  • Learn the rules of the real estate negotiating games
  • Learn how to win and make money when dealing with inspections, contractors, and real estate "professionals""
  • Never let any side see you sweat!  Buying a home does not have to be a day in the gym.  The buying process is a marathon, not a sprint. Exercise your mind and train yourself with these tools of the trade.
  • Take 30 years and hundreds of transactions and wrap them up into a small package.

$4.99  one time

Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.


Landlordism - a primer in becoming a successful Landlord

A Complete Guide to creating income through investment properties.

Detailed, nose to the ground advice from a seasoned professional in the business

  • Change your mindset from being a consumer to being the Owner and Landlord
  • Learn the tools that the worlds largest developers use broken down into simple language anyone can understand
  • Together with the rating means and methods, completely change your mindset from being just a homeowner to establishing a foundation of wealth for the long term.
  • Get started fast, furious and consistently in your approach to finding, getting financing and maintaining your real estate wealth.
  • Lay a foundation to a  "no bull" approach to real estate investing
  • ACCEPT NOTHING from DOOMSAYERS! Use the rating sytem together with this guide to establish your own version of a real estate empire, breaking through any and all barriers in your way.

$6.99  one time

Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.

gofindhome Real Estate Tools for Professionals

As real estate professionals, our process is simple.  

(1) Build a personal Brand - beyond a Brokerage where clients want you and only you as their Real Estate professional.  Potential clients can see YOU and make a personal connection and have an understanding of who you are and what you are about.

(2) Maximize your Marketing machine Use your money and more importantly your time to let as many people as possible know who you are and what you can offer in service, listings and level of competence.   Be able to respond on the fly to adding OPEN HOUSES, reducing substantial expensive marketing costs to you.

(3)  Grow your business organically - by having a mobile platform where buyers push YOUR listings! With the the ability for your  to link videos easily,  and simple links back to you and your Broker, your listings and open houses can now SEAMLESSLY and INSTANTLY be shared across social media by potential buyers!


Home Seller Package - for anyone

Post a single property listing for 90 days

List your property, change unlimited open houses instantly!

  • List your property for 90 days
  • Get your name out there!
  • No crazy pricing to list
  • Update whenever you want, as often as you want, reaching anyone within 25 miles of your office

$.99 one time

Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.


Byline about this plan.

Post unlimited number of listings for one low price

List it, add video links directly, promote yourself!

  • List ALL of your Properties for one low price!

$9.95 / month

Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.


Let Buyers and Home Owners know who you are and what you can do for them

Show up in the "People" search tools 

Brand yourself / not your Brokerage

  • Separate yourself from the Madding Crowd. Let Buyers know who you are and your LEVEL OF EXPERTISE and why they should use you as their agent! 
  • The least expensive way to reach potential buyers on the planet.
  • No high monthly charges that drain your pocketbook
  • Spend money to promote YOU, the agent, NOT your Brokerage.  You are not a commodity, you are actually a person.
  • Branding of someone elses name on yours worked well in the days of slavery...not so much now.  Brand thyself.

$9.95 / month

Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.